Cut to Perfection

Shelley and Toula Hairstyling has been on Eglinton for over 40 years. Shelley is the sole owner of the salon and has seen Eglinton change dramatically since the 1970s. He is everything you could want in a hairdresser: a well-read smart conversationalist with a vision for your next look. Sheliza Esmail from The Eglinton Way recently sat down with Shelley for a cut, colour, and salon chat.

The Eglinton Way: Shelley, how did you get started in this business?

Shelley: A friend of mine wanted to attend a hairstyling school in Tel Aviv, and he asked me come along. He did not end up doing the course, but I did it. Then I went on to Paris and did advanced studies in hair styling. When I moved to Canada, I started the National Academy of Hair Design. We, the instructors and I, did seminars here and in the states.

The Eglinton Way: What hairstyle is on trend for 2017?

Shelley: Lots of colour is a trend, but in harmonized shades of blonde, brown, or red. Everything is textured and has lots of dimension to it.

The statement could not be more fitting. Shelley insisted at the door that my hair needed some colour. My hair is currently in transition.

The Eglinton Way: Being on Eglinton for so many years, what changes have you seen?

Shelley: I remember Eglinton when it was the IT district of Toronto. This was THE place and a mecca for shopping. But the city evolved and the personality of the area has changed a lot too.

The Eglinton Way: What’s a typical day at Shelley and Toula like?

Shelley: It’s very exciting. There is always something happening. Every client is different and the style for them should be too. We do not do anything in a cookie cutter way. Our hair services offer a lot of variety and are constantly changing. I always say, “life may not be perfect, but your hair can be”.

Shelley is spot on. You never see anyone walk out his door looking the same as the last. Everyone’s look is entirely distinct. Shelley and I discuss current happenings on The Eglinton Way and my life. Soon enough I’m all set with fresh and exciting wine coloured highlights.


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