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As soon as you step inside the door at eMbody Fitness you are greeted by a community of staff and individuals like yourself. eMbody offers a neighbourhood feeling and community atmosphere within a professional and innovative space that caters to your fitness journey. Sheliza from The Eglinton Way recently sat down with Teri Nitsopoulos and Sheila van der Merwe to discuss the philosophy and programs at eMbody Fitness.

I take a seat in the office that’s a hub of activity. The staff and instructors are preparing for their courses or stopping by to catch up, and the members are popping in and out while chatting about their sore glutes and summer abs.

The Eglinton Way: Pleasure to see you again, Sheila. Tell me, how did you get started in this

Sheila: I attended Western University here in Ontario and a program in Montreal Quebec to specialize in sports administration. Upon graduating I knew I did not want to become an educator and wanted a more direct influence to people trying to live healthier lives.

The Eglinton Way: What is the history behind eMbody Fitness?

Sheila: The club was built and designed by the owner of The Sports Club of Canada. All club services are personalized and custom to an individual’s fitness goals and the best ways to achieve them. The club was created to serve the community and help people overcome the hesitation of joining a gym and then feeling lost.

Our philosophy is focused on how you feel when you come to the club and how you feel when you leave. You should have a sense of accomplishment when you finish your exercise routine and feel satisfied knowing you’ve invested your time and energy into your own health.

We’re always changing things here. We have nutritionists who help you plan your diet around your exercise routine and personal goals. We just added a cardio dance class. There are 16 year olds and 70 year olds in the class and they all love it. We offer small group training on the TRX and gravity system as well.

Our programs cater to people across the age and fitness spectrum. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or walking into a gym for the first time, we’re here for you.

We also have a new program called “Girls in Fitness Training (GIFT)”. The program introduces tweens and teens to healthy lifestyle practices and introduces them to proper exercise techniques.

The Eglinton Way: That sounds amazing. I know I would have appreciated that when I was a teenager! How do you become a member at eMbody?

Sheila: Just give us a call or drop in and we’ll get you started – don’t feel shy. We offer a one month trial at $65.00 and a corporate rate for people who work in the neighbourhood.

Sheila gives me a tour before I head out. We walk through the main level and cardio section, the private washrooms and shower facilities (very convenient!), and then through the weight space upstairs. We also stop at the TRX and Gravity to watch a demonstration that’s taking place. I peek into a yoga class too. Spin has just finished for the morning.


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