Fashion Treasures Revived for Your Wardrobe


Fashion trends change with the seasons, age, and lifestyle. On The Eglinton Way, there are countless opportunities to choose styles that suit your personality. Co-business owners of Revival Couture, Christine Hadden and Donna Nesrallah, offer 35 years of experience styling clients in high-end fashion that is elegant, professional, and comfortable. Sheliza Esmail from The Eglinton Way recently had a conversation with Christine about her approach to fashion and style.

The Eglinton Way: Hi Christine, thank you for chatting with me today. What inspired you to get started in the fashion industry before you and Donna opened Revival Couture?

Christine: I have always had a love for well-made quality clothing, and have followed trends from a very young age. I started as a manager at one of the hippest and most fashionable stores in Yorkville, which landed me a Buyer’s position that took me around the world, buying some of the most exclusive collections.

The Eglinton Way: How do you create a look for a regular day?

Christine: We try to accommodate the client by asking questions and gaining as much information as possible before putting her in the fitting room, so we can assess exactly what will be appropriate, flattering, and in her budget.


The Eglinton Way: What is it about clothing that is so important to us and our culture?

Christine: The right outfit can make a woman feel feminine and empowered at the same time. Clothing says a lot about an individual’s personality. Our inventory comes from some of the most exclusive closets in Toronto. Designers such as Chanel, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Dries Van Noten and many more. This sets us apart from any other consignment store.

The Eglinton Way:  Do you carry handbags and shoes at Revival Couture as well?

Christine:  Yes, we carry a wide range of luxury designer bags and shoes to complete the look. Our handbags and shoes are carefully chosen to make sure they are authentic and new, or in pristine condition. We give special attention to merchandising and window display, and when you enter our store, you will get the impression that you are shopping in a high-end boutique on Bloor street or in Yorkville.


 The Eglinton Way:  What’s different about shopping in your store compared to somewhere in the main stream?

Christine:  We offer personalized service and honesty. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail and customer service.

The Eglinton Way: Are there any style trends for this winter that you are excited about?

Christine: We are loving the retro feel of the 70’s with touches of fur, sequins, lace, and leather. The richness of the colours and textures add a certain elegance and style that meets the fashion needs of a modern woman.


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