Fit for Victory

Victor Cappella, President of the newest retail store on The Eglinton Way, Victory Menswear, has come to fill the BIA’s gap in men’s fashion. Victor recently sat down with Sheliza from The Eglinton Way BIA to talk all things menswear.

Sheliza: How did you come into the menswear industry?

Victor: It’s the family business. My father had a store in Toronto for 40 years called Forum, my brother owns Acappella clothing on St. Clair, and I have a cousin with one in Montreal. It’s what I grew up with and know. We all carry similar styles, but are a little different from each other in terms of personality.

Sheliza: What does Victory Menswear specialize in?

Victor: We specialize in custom tailored suits, from business to weddings; we have a great selection for any man’s formal wear needs. We carry a variety of clothing lines including Robert Graham, 7 Downey, Differ Jeans, Bugatchi, and more.

Victor glances up and goes to greet some shoppers in the area. The men’s shirts on sale at the front entrance are constantly stopping passersby and drawing people into the rest of the store…

Sheliza: What are your style inspirations?

Victor: The style at Victory Menswear does not fit to any particular iconic male look. The point is not to look like everyone. We bring in unique pieces that men are attracted to. One trend right now is colorful micro prints, but it is part of my job to anticipate what customers want and bring in styles that they will be attracted to. Everything is very slim-cut right now too.

Sheliza: What is on your to-do list?

Victor: I’m opening up accounts, buying for Spring 2018, and following up on calls to clients.

Sheliza: Sounds like a busy week. How are you enjoying being on The Eglinton Way so far?

Victor: I’m enjoying getting to know the neighbourhood. Menswear was certainly missing here and I am happy to provide that to the area. I’m really looking forward to being a good neighbour.

Sheliza: Any favorite spots on The Eglinton Way yet?

Victor: I really like 7 Numbers and Ferraro 502.

Sheliza: Me too. I’m a regular at both. Welcome to the neighbourhood! Thank you for taking the time to speak.



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