Gallery City

Gallery City is a joint initiative of Metrolinx, Crosslinx Transit Solutions – Constructors (CTSC), Eglinton Business improvement areas, and Eglinton businesses between Weston Road and Brentcliffe.


Create Eglinton as a destination for Torontonians and tourists, inviting new foot traffic along the corridor through art crawls in designated strips of businesses.


Gallery City will bring together businesses and local artists along the corridor in order to cross-promote one another and draw patrons to Eglinton during construction.

Why Participate

Participating in Gallery City is simple and easy. Interested businesses will sign up for the event through Crosslinx Transit Solutions – Constructors (CTSC). CTSC will then connect each local business with a local artist. The artist and tenant will then coordinate a time to display the art in the window of the business.


The event will not only provide exposure for local businesses and draw both local area residents and the general public, to come and explore the corridor, but it will support local artists in showcasing their work. To encourage participation, a contest will also be held where selected art will be raffled off. Each participating business will receive ballots and ballot boxes, which will require that patrons to enter into the local businesses to enter the draw, providing more foot traffic for the participating businesses. CTS will collect boxes at the end of the two month long event and winners will be chosen at random.


Metrolinx and CTSC will promote the event and invite the public to come and view the artwork along the corridor through the following channels:


  • Online blog/newspaper sponsored article(s) featuring Gallery City.
  • Local paper blow-in – two page promotional pamphlet featuring same content as Blog T.O. piece, or can be delivered separately through Canada Post to across the corridor
  • Advertising –posters in TTC stations, Eglinton and Eglinton West
  • Web page – required for advertising and content rules P.R. – summer event listings, share event details with NOW, Blog TO, etc.
  • Potential for radio ads as well as pitch to Metro Morning to feature a local business and a local artist participating in the event.
  • Social media-weekly tweets/sponsored posts including photos of destinations/art.
  • Launch party.

Tracking Event Metrics

Metrolinx and CTSC will be able to track the success of the event through a variety of metrics such as:

  • Ballot entries to win the art will not only help to determine the number of patrons that visited the corridor overall, but the number of patrons that visited specific stores.
  • Metrics will be captured from the sponsored article.
  • Summer event listings in NOW, Blog TO, etc. will determine the number of readers that were able to be reached.
  • Social media, likes, mentions, retweets, reposts will capture engagement.
  • Web page will determine how much traffic is received during the event.
  • Local paper blow-in will determine the number of readers that were able to be reached.
  • Post event survey of business to ask if event increased traffic/sales, if they would participate again, or recommend the event to other businesses.

Gallery City – Letter to Landlords

Gallery City – Letter to Tenants


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