Happy 150th Canada! Celebrate by Shopping Local This Summer

Canada 150 celebrations in Toronto and across Canada are a wonderful demonstration of this country’s rich spirit and culture. Toronto’s many cultural neighbourhoods are an excellent example of a mosaic of cultures living together in harmony. Behind each store front along The Eglinton Way is a remarkable story of a person who has made a life here and chosen to be a part of this exemplary city.

This summer, remember to shop local. The list of reasons to shop local is endless. It keeps dollars close to home and contributes to the local economy. Statistics show that shopping local is a job creator with less environmental impact than shopping at a chain. You can also be sure that shopping local in an independent retail store will be a completely different experience than going to a chain. The service is more personalized and flexible.

Get to know your community through the local shops in your neighbourhood. Your local upholsterer and dry cleaner, hair salons and barbershops, fitness studios and even coffee shops are always willing to work with you to help you get exactly what you need from them and enjoy it.  The level of service and connection you encounter with independent retailers is unparalleled in this main stream and corporate world.

So, this summer, when you’re out for ice-cream, looking for a patio to enjoy, or ready to pick out a new outfit for a night out, shop local and visit the merchants along The Eglinton Way.

From The Eglinton Way businesses to all of you, happy 150th Canada!


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