Picking Up Momentum on the Eglinton Way

Dr. Matthew Orzech has operated a thriving dental practice on The Eglinton Way for the past 23 years. In October 2017, he moved his practice just a few short steps from his previous location to open Momentum Dental Wellness Collective at 418 Eglinton Avenue West Suite 101. Dr. Orzech took some time out his busy schedule with patients to chat with Sheliza from The Eglinton Way about his practice and what makes him and his patients smile.

The Eglinton Way: Good morning Dr. Orzech! Pleasure to meet you! Tell me about your practice and its recent journey along The Eglinton Way.

Dr. Orzech: We were previously located at 505 Eglinton Ave W.Ste. #103 and I was not really looking to move into a larger space. However, after some back and forth with Mario Cinelli of Cinergy Medical Center, the space and vision for a new dental wellness Centre became more appealing to me. Together we designed a beautiful new state-of-the-art Dental Clinic.

Dr. Orzech shows me the hygienist space in use and where there is more space at Momentum for surgical and specialist procedures as the practice grows.  Everything from the sterilization equipment to the dental operatories is the latest in dental technology and equipment.


The Eglinton Way: How has the neighbourhood evolved since you arrived?

Dr. Orzech: The neighborhood has changed and offers a greater sense of community and connection amongst the retailers and residents alike. Changing with the times is a big part of my business plan that drives the new Clinic to REIMAGINE the dental experience for our patients. Since Momentum Dental Wellness Collective opened in October 2017, we have been welcomed by the neighbourhood as our bright big windows invite passerby’s to stop and see what we are up to.

We are different than your typical dental facility. Patients are embraced by a calm and relaxing environment that offers a full suite of treatment and surgical rooms, a comprehensive dental laboratory, beautiful “Live Wall”, and an engaging children’s activity centre. As a central Toronto dental wellness Centre, it is our goal to create lifelong relationships with our patients and their families.

Dr. Orzech and I chat casually about the different types of people that he meets over time. Students returning from holidays over the summer, teachers in the off-season, people from all corners of the GTHA who feel comfortable with their family dentist. Dr. Orzech adds in that his practice goes from your first tooth to your last… and then onto your next set.

The Eglinton Way: Your practice also offers a lot of flexibility for patients?

Dr. Orzech: The dental office is close to home and allows me to walk to work, which is a bonus. It is also extremely convenient for me to meet up with patients when they have a “dental emergency” and need dental assistance immediately. We offer flexible business and evening business hours and are now open every Saturday; before, we used to be only open one Saturday a month.

The Eglinton Way: What drew you into the dentistry profession and what is unique about your service?

Dr. Orzech: I love being in a profession that helps people, and every day is different. With over 20 years of dental experience, I have learned that patient care and commitment is my driving goal. My extensive clinical expertise enables me to perform all aspects of general dentistry including endodontics, implant placement and restoration, extractions, minor periodontal surgery as well as routine dental maintenance.

The unique aspect of my business is that we embrace new technology and are not afraid of it. We always look for ways to offer greater convenience and comfort to our patients. It is our goal to develop Momentum Dental Wellness Collective to be a one-stop shop for patients, so they can have all their dental needs addressed in one Clinic (i.e. root canals, whitening, implants, crowns in a day, orthodontics), saving both time and money. This frees them up to enjoy other daily activities.

The Eglinton Way: That certainly sounds like what we all need! What’s your favorite shop along The Eglinton Way?

Dr. Orzech: Ferraros. A great local spot that offers delicious comfort food. I also have grown accustomed to the wonderful professional manicure and pedicures by Jeny Mite at Medical SAC (Skin Aesthetic Clinic), conveniently located in the lower level of the Cinergy Medical Centre – a great treat for my wife.

The Eglinton Way: What are other interests or hobbies outside of your professional life?

Dr. Orzech: I enjoy relaxing and spending time at my cottage with my wife, Shawna, and my two sons, Lewis and Ryan and dog, Carsey. There are never enough “handy man jobs” there to keep me entertained.


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