Midtown’s Real Estate Team: David Batori Group

David Batori recently opened a new office on Eglinton. As a committed midtown real estate agent, the move to Eglinton is a reflection of his commitment and confidence in this neighbourhood. In the midst of settling into his new office, David took some time to chat with Sheliza Esmail from The Eglinton Way.

The Eglinton Way: David, tell me about your connection to Eglinton and why you chose to have your office here in our BIA.

David: I’ve lived in the midtown area for years. When I was younger, I would visit Eglinton as my local hang out. My friends and I would go to Yitz’s Deli and the theater here. It was our spot and really built my love for everything about the community here.

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The Eglinton Way:  Are those childhood memories a big part of your business today too?

David: Yes, I’ve been in the real estate business since the 1990s. I’ve had offices all around midtown, from Mount Pleasant to Davisville, but Eglinton and Avenue road has always been a hub for me. I wanted to be here.

The Eglinton Way: How do you see the neighbourhood now?

David: The construction has brought a lot of change to the area and it’s been a challenge for many of the businesses here, but Eglinton has a great future and I’m excited to be a part of that. I expect that there will be some great vision of new commercial and residential development in this area. Eglinton will continue to be the hub I know it as.

The Eglinton Way: What are the neighbourhood’s key strengths during this transition period?

David: My team and I are specialists in midtown. We know the school and shops and accessibility of this neighbourhood and help guide people properly to make decisions about where to shop local in the community. There is a real draw here; Eglinton is a desirable part of the city. We see it as the next Bloor Street.

The Eglinton Way: This is definitely a great neighbourhood. Tell me more about your team and office.

David: I’ve created a modern and comfortable space here. Brandon on my team is later in his career and really understands the needs of the downsizing market. People want smaller spaces and to stay in their neighbourhoods. Bobby is bright and energetic and newer to the business, he’s a great person to work with. The whole team is enthusiastic about Eglinton and midtown.

The interview ends with a tour around David’s office. The Board room David and I are in has glass windows, so we can see the other activity around the office. The basement is a comfortable and functional lounge like space. Finally, we return to the lobby where the ever-cheerful Marina sits at the front desk.



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