Overnight Watermain Investigations Near Avenue Road (via Metrolinx)


What Work is Happening?

To prepare for upcoming mining works at Avenue Station, a careful inspection of watermains in the area is required.

Crews will complete water leakage detection for the watermains in the vicinity of the future station box. The scope of work includes testing watermains and associated fittings on Eglinton Avenue West between Avenue Road and Lascelles Blvd.

Testing will be done in 1-2 metre intervals using acoustical equipment called Electronic Ground Microphones and Acoustic Signal Level Meters (see photo below). These pieces of equipment will be visible to the public during testing, but they do not emit noise.

A small traffic control set up and a Paid Duty Officer will be on site as crews move from area to area along testing the required areas.

Hours of Work


  • Work is required for one night, July 26 (10pm to 7am).
  • Timelines are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.


For more information about this work, please contact:

Brittany Maxwell at 416-782-8118 or crosstown@metrolinx.com


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