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The Eglinton Way BIA is seeking to retain an urban design and planning team to develop a strategic and master plan that builds on the public realm elements of: The Eglinton 2020 Plan; the future Crosstown LRT Stations; The Eglinton Connects Plan, and; BIA capital projects.


“The Eglinton Way” Business Improvement Area (BIA)’s mandate is to create a vibrant area for businesses and entrepreneurs, Toronto residents, and visitors to the city. Our services to the community include street beautification , neighbourhood marketing, and our annual events.

For more details about The Eglinton Way BIA, please visit www.TheEglintonWay.com

The process

To define an overall framework for the public-right of way, pedestrian corridors, blocks, public spaces, and artwork.

The framework must incorporate the uniqueness that exists within The Eglinton Way public right of way including the history of the area and future character.

The purpose is to create a master plan using the information, studies, guidelines, improvement plans, city standards and current streetscape and urban design projects that have already been created and currently exist to assemble a usable document that addresses the character of the neighbourhood and long-term beautification of the Avenue Right-of-Way.

Existing plans and studies

Eglinton Connects



Midtown in Focus (on-going)


The City Streetscape manual


The Official Plan


It is important that the plan follow City of Toronto planning guidelines and 2020 plans for Eglinton.


The elements in the plan should include an execution process and timeline for development. We are not looking to create a concept from scratch that is different from City and Community initiatives, but rather one that works within it and adds to it. Consequently, we are looking to put the plan into action as the Crosstown LRT nears completion.


  • Create a consistent aesthetic vision for the identity of The Eglinton Way BIA
  • Enhance the retail business area, making it more attractive for existing businesses and for new businesses to locate here
  • Address the interface between businesses, pedestrians, automobiles, public transportation, and cyclists
  • Identify streetscape improvements which can be implemented by the BIA, in partnership with the City of Toronto BIA office, over a multi-year period
  • Be in compliance with current regulatory agency policies and design guidelines (eg. City of Toronto Right of Way regulations, Toronto Hydro regulations)
  • Proposed improvement will include an implementation plan and will factor in The Eglinton Way annual budget
  • Include estimated capital costs, in a spreadsheet format, for each segment of the proposed work (paving, curbs, lighting, signage, street furnishings, trees, etc.)
  • Identify needs or opportunities to liaise, consult and partner with other interests or agencies to achieve BIA streetscape objectives


The Eglinton Way has a working relationship with local business owners, residents associations, TO cycling, and City staff and is willing to facilitate any consultations and surveys that are required.

Guiding principles

  1. Retain the neighbourhood character of The Eglinton Way
  2. Creating a welcoming atmosphere and presence for future retailers, restaurants, and service providers, particularly small and locally owned businesses
  3. Street beautification: key features of the plan will include how beautification will continue in tandem with new developments

Project Deliverables

  • Mapping of existing conditions with associated written text identifying opportunities and constraints, including a section on current regulatory agency regulations and standards
  • Preliminary design plans (both a design concept, as well as a revised draft) to be reviewed with the BIA Streetscape Committee
  • Presentation drawings and other visual materials shall be provided for meetings with the BIA Streetscape Committee, BIA Board of Management, and general membership
  • A design guidelines document to provide to future area developers (focus to be on street facing elements)
  • A design guidelines document for store facades that would help future façade improvements integrate more neatly with the streetscape
  • A final Streetscape Masterplan Design Study report, in letter or legal format will be submitted, including conceptual drawings of all proposed improvements, projected costs, implementation plan, and timeline. Ten bound, colour copies of all of the reports and drawings will be provided to the BIA. For the purposes of implementation The Eglinton Way BIA will have ownership of designs and plans contained in the Streetscape Design study
  • An electronic copy of all printed deliverables


Proposals will be reviewed based on the following

  1. Understanding of the neighbourhood and existing plans
  2. Communication and presentation skills
  3. Flexibility
  4. References

Project team deliverables

  1. An explanation of why your team is ideally suited to this project
  2. CV of team members
  3. Proposed project phases and timelines
  4. Fee structure
  5. Portfolio and references
  6. Overall quality

Presentation Evaluation Form

  1. High level of compliance with the requirements and provisions of this RFP, as well as presentation and written proposal completeness and suitability of content details. Presentation reflecting a comprehensive plan that can be easily understood and executed. Points Available – 30
  2. Degree of professionalism, skill, creativity and originality reflected in presentation. Points Available – 20
  3. Proponent’s proposed methodology for carrying out the work, project work schedule and ability to meet critical date. Points Available – 20
  4. Relevant experience, qualifications and successes. Points Available – 15
  5. Total Fee. Points Available – 15

Proposals to be submitted by:

May 12, 2017 at 12:00pm (noon)

Selected vendors may be asked to present their proposal at an evening meeting to the Board of Management.

Office Contact Information

Sheliza Esmail
BIA Administrator

533 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 200

Toronto, ON M5N 1B1

Tel. 416-487-3294

Email: info@theeglintonway.com






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