Serenity in the City: Find Your Way to Wellness with Jeny Mite


Visitors to The Eglinton Way often wonder about the concentration of health and beauty related services in the area. However, a closer look reveals uniqueness to each business. Jeny, at Facial Clinic and Aesthetics, offers one of the many specialized services in the area. The independent owner and operator sat down with Sheliza from The Eglinton Way to talk about her skills and services.

The Eglinton Way: Jeny, you have been in the neighbourhood here for a year now. When did you start out in this industry?

Jeny: I won’t tell you how old I am and don’t guess, but I have been in the field for 23 years. I took an interest in beauty and self-care when I was very young and working at a pharmacy part-time. Pursuing this interest, I did a four year certificate at the Zahava beauty school and became an aesthetician. I have been a licensed Aesthetician and Cosmetician since I997.  In 1998 I became a licenced electrologist and was able to extend the services I provide to my clients.

Continuing my education is very important to me. I established my own business in 1999 and in 2000 I became a certified podologist by The Canadian Examination Board of Health Care Practitioners. I have continued to develop my skills and treatments over the years.


The Eglinton Way: It’s rare to find your passion early in life; what is your daily routine like now?

Jeny: Today is my paperwork day. I shop for the clinic and take some time to catch up with my family life. Tuesday to Saturday, my focus is on my appointments. I take some time in the morning before seeing patients to meditate, and then I check the appointments. It’s important to me that my mind is clear before seeing a client. I want the people who come here to feel calm and not like they’re in a busy environment. My services are specialized and based on listening to an individual’s needs.

The Eglinton Way: It’s a beautiful space and very serene. Can you give me an example of a personalized service?

Jeny: I do medical pedicures. For instance, an elderly diabetic client or someone in a wheel chair is susceptible to skin inflammation and infection in different ways than your average person. I am able to treat these individual’s needs.


The Eglinton Way: That is an interesting niche. What are your own beauty routines?

Jeny: I strongly believe in a healthy diet and exercise. I’m a vegetarian and most of my diet is plant based. I also like to run. Then, I have my product routine including cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and UV protection. My advice to anybody who wants to take care of their skin is moisturizing and year round UV protection.

Whether I am working with a client or am working on my own beauty routine, high quality results are very important to me. I like to feel happy and radiant and provide an experience that leaves my clients feeling the same way.

The Eglinton Way: Do you have favorite product lines?

Jeny: I have two! Laboratoire by Dr. Renaud and Footlogix. Laboratoire is my personal everyday use favorite and what I recommend to my clients the most for their skins concerns. It’s Canadian made in Quebec and created with naturally derived and certified organic ingredients. Footlogix is more for special cases. Both products show results and offer changes you can see. Oh wait, there’s one more. Dr. Grandel is another excellent line I carry.


Jeny brings over the products and then gives me a tour of her pristine treatment rooms. There’s a hint of incents. Everything is organized and well maintained.

The Eglinton Way: What are your favorite places to shop in the neighbourhood?

Jeny: I’m lucky. My favorite places are within walking distance. I treat myself to sweets at Phipps and footwear from the Shoe Bag!



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