Summer Newsletter

Hello BIA Members,

This month’s newsletter contains the following:

  1. Scavenger Hunt thank yous and feedback request
  2. Requests for your logos and social media handles
  3. Trees and litter updates
  4. Digital Main Street Information
  5. Safety tips from Division 53
  6. Look ahead to the fall
  7. Scavenger Hunt photos

1. Scavenger Hunt Thank yous + review

Thank you very much to those of you who participated and contributed to the Scavenger Hunt.

The Scavenger Hunt was a lively day on Eglinton, and brought local foot traffic and a crowd to our street. The success the event is largely due to many of you. In particular, we’d like to thank those of you who donated prizes and participated on the hunt. Without your support, this event could not take place.

Furthermore, we’d also like to thank the parents at Oriole Park Junior Public School who volunteered at the registration and prize draw tables and did an excellent job raising money for their school’s new playground during the Scavenger Hunt.

The winners of the hunt were

1st prize – Colleen and Lochlan De Wit
2nd prize – Elle Grant
3rd prize – Ronit and Adam Wilk

If you have any comments on the day, please send us an email. We’d like to hear from you on how your day went, both positive stories and suggestions for improvement.

2. Request for logos and social media handles

As mentioned in the June newsletter, The Eglinton Way is currently updating the membership directory for The Eglinton Way website.

When you have a moment, please email info@theeglintonway.com

  • a description of your business that is no more than 500 characters (approximately 70 words)
  • An exterior photo of your business
  • Logos (preferred resolution is 800 x 600px and 4:3 dimensions)
  • Your web address and social media handles

Please contact Sheliza at the BIA office for further information or if you have any questions.


3. Tree and Litter Update

Many of you have contacted the BIA office in the last few months with concerns about the condition of the trees on Eglinton and the litter on the street.

The local councillors, road operations, and urban forestry have all been made aware of the concerns from the BIA and your individual complaints as well. However, this process is slow and highly regulated by the City of Toronto.

Please note, simply sweeping in front of your business regularly makes a big difference to the tidiness and appearance of the street.

4. Digital Main Street

digital main street

If you’re interested in using digital tools or technologies to grow your business but aren’t sure where to start, Digital Main Street can help. Digital Main Street (DMS) is a free online business support program launched in partnership with TABIA (Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas) and The City of Toronto.

Jordan and Raina from the Digital Main Street squad will be on The Eglinton Way next week to get you on-boarded and working your way through the Digital world. Please contact the BIA office if you’d like to be part of this exciting project. 

If your goals are to increase sales and engage customers, here are 3 ways joining Digital Main Street can help:

  1. DMS gives you a Digital Assessment of your business’s strengths and weaknesses, along with next-step recommendations on how to adopt digital tools yourself or connections to trusted service providers who can help.
  2. You can stay up-to-date on the newest technologies through a relevant newsfeed of free articles, case studies, and exclusive events and seminars.
  3. When you join, you can access many exclusive discounts and deals that are available from trusted service providers.

Did we mention that it was free to join? Sign up for Digital Main Street today: http://digitalmainstreet.ca/

5. Safety and Security Tips from 53 Division


The Eglinton Way BIA Board of Management recently met with Staff Sergeant Matthew Moyer to discuss crime prevention and neighbourhood safety.

The Staff Sergeant has sent the following files for your review: Auto Safety and Apartment Security

Police Constable Alex Li and Tim Somers are also available if you would like to have them visit your premises to review security vulnerabilities.

They can be reached at alex.li@torontopolice.on.ca or 416-808-5308 and timothy.somers@torontopolice.on.ca or 416-808-5337.


6. Look ahead to the fall

In the upcoming summer months, The Eglinton Way BIA Board of Management will begin preparing the annual budget for 2017 and planning the fall AGM; on-boarding members such as yourselves to Digital Main Street; creating an archive of past events held by the BIA since its inception in 1987; collecting your social media information for our website; and undertake the preliminary phases of creating a street scape plan.


7. Scavenger Hunt photos

scavenger hunt 1

Left to right: Ronald Beben (The Eglinton Way Vice-Chair), Ronit Wilk (Third prize winner), Adam Wilk (Third prize winner), Adam De Wit (First prize winner), Colleen De Wit (First prize winner), Nancy Pickard (The Eglinton Way Events Chair/The Abbot), Jacki Allen (The Eglinton Way Director/The Ten Spot)


Busker at Highbourne and Eglinton on the day of the Scavenger Hunt

carolyn bennett and nancy prickard

MP Carolyn Bennett and Nancy Pickard from The Abbot on Eglinton

scavenger hunt participants

Scavenger Hunt Participants

Left to Right: Oriole Parkway Parent Volunteers, Maureen Sirois (The Eglinton Way Chair), Councillor Carmichael-Greb and children, Councillor Josh Matlow and daughter, Jacki Allen (The Eglinton Way Director/The Ten Spot)

Left to Right: Oriole Parkway Parent Volunteers, Maureen Sirois (The Eglinton Way Chair), Councillor Carmichael-Greb and children, Councillor Josh Matlow and daughter, Jacki Allen (The Eglinton Way Director/The Ten Spot)

scavenger hunt participants at Artbarn School

Scavenger Hunt participants at Artbarn School

Groove Dance Studio Sale Table

Groove Dance Studio Sidewalk Sale Table

Jewellery by Varouj Sidewalk Sale Table

Jewellery by Varouj Sidewalk Sale table

Additional photos can be seen on our facebook page www.facebook.com/eglintonway


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