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Avenue Station

Public Safety Warning

It has been brought to our attention that there was a man in the area posing as a contractor requesting entry into office suites. He claimed to be replacing batteries for smoke detectors. This turned out to be false and instead, a wallet was stolen from the premises. A police report was filed regarding the incident which took place late last week. 

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Overnight Work and Lane Reductions to Install Centre Line Dewatering Wells on Eglinton for Avenue Station

What Work is Taking Place?

The term “dewatering” means pumping water from the ground at a site where there will be excavation and is essential before and during upcoming mining operations at Avenue Station. The dewatering system is installed in two phases, drilling of the wells and then digging shallow trenches to connect the wells and lay the pipes, pumps, and valves for the system.

Since May, crews have been installing the perimeter of the dewatering system.

In October 2017, crews will install the system in the centre of the road on Eglinton Avenue West from Braemar Avenue to Lascelles Boulevard. To do this, three of four lanes on Eglinton must be closed.


After reviewing a number of options, it was determined that there is no technical or practical way to do the work during the day. To minimize traffic disruption for the community, transit users and local businesses, this work is being done overnight. Paid Duty Police Officers will maintain safe traffic flow.

Starting October 10, 2017 between the hours of 8:00PM and 5:00AM, crews will be work at Braemar Avenue and move east toward Lascelles Boulevard.

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Tunnel Concrete Pour for Avenue Station

What Work is Happening?

To prepare for upcoming mining works at Avenue Station, crews need to fill portions of the completed tunnels with concrete.

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Traffic and Pedestrian Changes at Chaplin Station for Support of Excavation

What Work is Taking Place?

In winter 2017, crews began support of excavation work (shoring) of the station box at the future Chaplin Station, starting on the south side Eglinton Avenue West.  As early as Wednesday August 30, crews will implement the next stage of shoring for Chaplin Station.

Please carefully review the map – traffic on Chaplin Crescent will be shifted to the west and changes to pedestrian crosswalks will be in effect. 

Shoring in the roadway will be completed in four stages. This is the second stage and will take approximately sixteen (16) weeks to complete. 

Shoring is a common step in the process of constructing the foundation of a building.  Steel piles as well as braces and tie-backs will be installed around the perimeter of the area being excavated to support the ground while crews dig.

Shoring is necessary for the station box and station entrances. The station box is the area underground where future passengers will wait on the platform to board the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

Hours of Work

  • Work can be expected to occur between the hours of 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM, seven days a week.

Work may be delayed due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

What to Expect

  • Temporary pedestrian and traffic changes will be in effect.
  • Noise and dust from construction equipment and vehicles can be expected.
  • Truck traffic entering and exiting the work zone can be expected.
  • Equipment and material storage within the work zone can be expected.

Traffic and Pedestrian Details

  • Traffic on Chaplin Crescent will be shifted to the west.
  • The east pedestrian crosswalk at Chaplin Crescent and Eglinton Avenue West will be closed and the west pedestrian crosswalk will be reinstated.
  • The existing pedestrian rerouting on the southeast side of Chaplin Crescent and Eglinton Avenue West will remain in effect.
  • Gilgorm Road will remain closed at Eglinton Avenue West.

TTC Details

  • TTC bus stops in the vicinity of Chaplin Crescent and Eglinton Avenue West have been relocated or eliminated to accommodate work at Chaplin Station.

Please look for signage informing passengers of the new temporary stop locations.

For more information about
Chaplin Station, please contact:

Brittany Maxwell

West Community Office
1848 Eglinton Avenue West

May Newsletter

Hello BIA Members,

This month’s newsletter contains information on the following;

  1. Avenue Station Open House
  2. Scavenger Hunt Prize Draw Reminders
  3. The Eglinton Way Board Meeting

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