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Spynga studio relocated to The Eglinton Way just over a year ago from Bathurst and St. Clair. After spending some time in a temporary and somewhat small space, the beautiful new studio now comfortably houses regular yoga, spin, and strength training classes. The owner behind the Spynga vision is Casey Soer.

Casey took some time out of her busy day this week to talk about her journey with Spynga and sharing that vision with studio members and guests.

The Eglinton Way: Could you describe the general approach to health and fitness at Spynga?

Casey: Spynga is the midtown authority on health and wellness, focusing on spin, yoga, and strength training. The Eglinton Way has a well-balanced variety of fitness studios and Spynga offers a unique approach and culture. We are community based and that makes us different. Our classes are approachable; we start at yoga for 3 years olds, have tween and teen classes, and all ages from there upwards.

Our teachers are well trained and are among the best in the city. We were one of the first studios in the city to offer in-house training for teachers.  Each experience for each client is really based on what the teacher offers to them and we like to ensure that every client has a positive experience that suits what they need on that day.

The Eglinton Way: What drew you to a career in fitness?

Casey: I grew up as an actor and performer and moved from Toronto to Los Angeles in my 20s and became obsessed with spin. It was a great form of energy release from the LA life and just what I needed. I had an entrepreneurial spirit back then too and started teaching spin.

Shortly after, I moved to New York City and my close friend at the time would convince me to take a break from spin and go to yoga, or I’d have her come to spin with me. That’s how Spynga was born. We were in business together for 10 years. The spin and yoga combined class is still Spynga’s signature class.

The Eglinton Way: That’s such a charming story. What is your favorite part about running Spynga these days?

Casey: Meeting the people! The real pleasure of Spynga is connecting with so many interesting people and learning from them. The clients are really what shapes the environment at Spynga and listening to and understanding them is something I enjoy.

The Eglinton Way: What services does Spynga offer in addition to yoga and spin?

Casey: About 5 years ago we added strength training. It’s a very sure way to enhance your physical strength and body. Personally, it changed my body inside and out. As a mother of three who runs a business, I’ve got my hands full and I appreciate the benefits of it.

At Spynga, our strength training classes have the feel of personal training in a group setting. We have TRXs, pull up bars, and other fun props to offer. Depending on the instructor you work with the class will have a different rhythm.

The Eglinton Way: Sounds like a great experience. What advice do you have when it comes to meeting your health and fitness goals?

Casey: One of the big factors is diet. I really like healthy fats like avocados and bullet proof coffee with grass fed butter. Beyond that, be really present on what is happening in your life and set goals for yourself on a weekly basis. When you’re planning your week on Sunday, think about your fitness needs and put it into your calendar. Then wake-up each day, and focus on the goals for your day.

It’s important to take time out of your day for fitness, such as a yoga class, or just turn off your phone, meditate, and take the time to reflect. I really like the Muse app for mediation. Just staying mindful is key.


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