The Anatomy of Body and Soul Fitness

Ben Jackson, the general manager at Body and Soul Fitness, joined the studio 12 years ago as a member and continued to return as a member until eventually joining Body and Soul’s team of staff. For our latest member profile, Ben sat down with Sheliza from The Eglinton Way to discuss the gym’s philosophy on health and fitness.

The Eglinton Way: What drew you to a career in fitness?

Ben: Personal fitness is a really positive field. You are constantly improving yourself and what’s great about the environment at Body and Soul is the group of trainers here. They are constantly encouraging clients, each other, and me. There is a lot of personal satisfaction in seeing the progression of a client’s journey as well as experiencing our personal ones.

The Eglinton Way: Could you describe the approach to health and fitness at Body and Soul?

Ben: We have high standards for selecting trainers here. Many of our trainers have degrees in kinesiology or have completed college programs in physical education. The team offers a range of speciality expertise such as facial stretch therapy (FST) or the polquin training program. We also offer educational incentives for continuing education in the field.

We have our own knowledge sharing economy here. I have a background in production and design and often work with the trainers on marketing materials, while they offer training advice and nutritional recommendations. Everyone helps each other better themselves.

The Eglinton Way: Sounds like you have a great team here. What is your clientele culture like?

Ben: They are intelligent people who understand the benefit of physical fitness, goal setting, and improving every aspect of their lives. They see preventative measures as a must and experience the results of their hard work. They take the referrals they get from friends and co-workers to work with us and seamlessly fit right into our structured yet fun hub. We notice the kinship that comes from being in a setting where like-minded people achieve together and challenge each other to do better.

The Eglinton Way: What training options to do you offer?

Ben: We have one-on-one training, small group training, physiotherapy, and are looking at bringing in a massage therapist.

The Eglinton Way: What advice do you have when it comes to meeting your health and fitness goals?

Ben: Making the first step is the hardest part. You just have to put one foot in front of the other and go for it. Some people make the mistake of starting off too strong. Health and fitness is a journey. You have to realize it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s important to celebrate milestones as you reach them. If you want to lose 40 lbs, each 5lbs you lose is another step closer to reaching your goals. Those steps are a means to your goals.

The Eglinton Way: Last one: what are your favorite lunch spots on The Eglinton Way?

Ben: Phipps Bakery, Toyko Sushi, and Starbucks.


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