The story behind The Eglinton Way’s newest member: Jenny’s Hair Design

After a long day of shopping or before meeting your friends for lunch, there’s a pleasure in getting your hair done that The Eglinton Way regulars understand. Some of the most talented hair stylists in the city can be found here. New to the neighbourhood, but not to the industry Jenny’s Hair Design recently moved from the busy and popular neighbourhood of Yonge and Wellesley to our midtown hub. Jenny, the owner of Jenny’s Hair Design for 18 years, and Sheliza Esmail from the BIA recently chatted over Jenny’s approach to hair, while Sheliza got her hair done.

The Eglinton Way: Jenny! It’s nice to see you again. How do you like the neighbourhood so far?

Jenny: It’s convenient for my clients coming from downtown and around the city, which is great. I have not met many of the neighbours yet, but I want to visit 7 Numbers for the Italian food. I’m Italian and many, many years ago I did my stylist training in Italy too.

The Eglinton Way: That must have been such an exciting experience. So tell me Jenny, what makes your business special?

Jenny: Hair is my passion. I choose high quality products mostly from Europe where the standards and regulations for safety and minimal chemical use are very high. Nothing but the best service and product for my clients is my style.

Jenny’s Hair Design Pink Ombre



I watch Jenny lather serums into my hair that smell beautiful and artistically blow-dry my hair into soft waves. It’s a Friday afternoon. Why not? Your hair will not need much work she tells me. It’s cut to sit well around your face and not take too much effort.



The Eglinton Way: Tell me about the photo on your business card. I saw it on your website. The style is so different.

Jenny: It’s from many years ago. I entered a hair color and styling competition. This is what I came up with for my entry. It was very and exciting. I have the old newspaper clippings still.

Jenny’s Hair Design competition entry

The Eglinton Way: That sounds very cool. Jenny, it was a pleasure chatting with you. I’ll let you enjoy your Friday afternoon.

We hug once more before parting. I give my waves a shake before heading out to the chilly October air.



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