Walk-In to Recovery with Active Care


Toronto is known for its busy city streets and on-the-go lifestyle. However wait times in the city can be incredibly long. Some of the longest wait times are in the downtown core for emergency care. Just over a year ago, John Spirou and Jessica Roeder were discussing this problem and it led to Toronto’s first and only Bone Joint Muscle & Spine walk in clinic. John and I recently caught up and talked about the clinic.

The Eglinton Way: Hello John! You were part of the first Bone Joint Muscle & Spine walk in clinic in Canada. It was in Southwestern Ontario, right? And now we have one in Toronto.

John: We started the clinic in Southwestern Ontario a couple years ago and after talking to Jessica Roeder last year about the challenges in Toronto, we collaborated to bring the same service here. It’s a much needed innovation in the health care community and offers a solution to our strained health care resources such as hospitals and Urgent Care centres.


The Eglinton Way: What is the process like when someone arrives at the clinic with a possible injury?

John: Our intake starts with an assessment by the clinician on duty.  All of our clinicians are trained in orthopedic diagnosis and depending on the nature of the injury, the patient may be recommended to a medical specialist. We are connected with orthopedic surgeons and are able to order x-rays on site. Overall, we offer a streamlined patient experience that takes a fraction of time that a hospital visit would.


The Eglinton Way: That does sound efficient. You must have quite the team!

John: We have six clinicians at Bone Joint Muscle & Spine Walk In clinic and are housed at Active Care Physical Rehabilitation clinic  (491 Eglinton West, Suite 201) which offers traditional amenities including physiotherapy, chiropractic,  and massage therapy and has been operating at the Eglinton location for 10 years.

The Eglinton Way: It’s a busy space. Whenever I walk into the clinic, the staff are seeing patients or preparing for someone. What are your own healthy lifestyle practices?

John: I believe in practicing what you preach and live a very active lifestyle. Since I was University student, I took an interest in keeping fit. Your sense of mobility is so intrinsic to your quality of life and overall well being, I’ve learned to value that early on and share that passion with others.


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