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 Meet the Team  

Maureen Sirois, Chair

Formerly Accessories by Eva

representing Vicky’s Jewellery

Vito Marinuzzi, Treasurer

7Numbers Restaurant

Susan Tabakian, Secretary

Jewellery by Varouj

Ron Beben, Director

Formerly Eunice Denby Flowers

representing Artbarn School

Victor Cappella, Director

Victory Men’s Wear

Mario Cinelli, Director

418 Eglinton Ave W.

Peter Cook, Director

The Fireplace Shop

Anita Dimitrijevic, Director

Di Moda European Lingerie

Oscar Garcia, Director

La Compania

Jocelyn Leung, Director

Lumos Vision Care

Tara Longo, Director

298 Eglinton Ave W.

Nick Rukaj, Director

Rukaj Gallery

We welcome all members to get in touch with us anytime!

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EGLINTON WAY BIA 2020-599.jpg
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