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All I Have

Soheyl Bastami

Installed April 2023

Welded Steel 
painted with bronze patina

Located at Avenue Rd & Eglinton Ave W (Southeast side)


This sculpture - All I Have - represents the dreamer, the hopeful and hard working. As beings we are made up of the same anatomical components however, underneath all of that we are a being of our lived experiences, backgrounds and memories. 

This tall figure, is a human with physical protrusions, symbolizing the one-of-a-kind experiences and challenges faced, that make us who we are today. This is a reminder of life's irregularities and our hope to achieve a better and brighter future. 



Get to know Soheyl!

Soheyl Bastami

Interdisciplinary Arts

About Soheyl Bastami:

Soheyl Bastami (born 1987) is an Iranian-born, Canadian artist who graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. In the early 2000's he taught himself to create human form sculptures from wood and metal materials with a focus on works that show humans in their basic forms, hunting for knowledge about the world and themselves. He has collected many prestigious awards for his installations in Iran, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic, where the public can still visit them.

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This sculpture was funded by: 

Beginning in 2019, The Eglinton Way Business Improvement Association began to invest in Artwalk, a public art installation on our street. The goal over the next 5 years is to bring 25 of these art installations (sculptures, statures, murals) into the neighborhood. It will be a beautiful place to walk, learn, experience, shop and enjoy.
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