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W.W.  Hung

Installed October 2022

Casted Bronze & Fabricated Stee

Located at Elmsthorpe Ave & Eglinton Ave W (Southwest side)


This sculpture - Fetch! - inspired by the the fur friends of the Eglinton Way Community, sparks a conversation about conscious consumerism.

Highlighting the close-knit community that makes up the Eglinton Way,  W.W. Hung's piece reminds us of the  many businesses that operate side-by-side forming the backbone of the Eglinton Way. After recent worldly challenges he creates a lasting reminder of the strength of our small business community as it works together to flourish through the challenges, coming it's way. 

Get to know W.W. Hung!

W.W. Hung

Contemporary Figurative Sculptor

About W.W. Hung:

W.W. Hung is a Canadian artist who graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture.  W.W. Hung's  pieces inspire a touching thought towards the everyday human narratives. He creates dynamic figures that hold a stong spatial presence in the spaces that they occupy. Hung’s work has been featured in a variety of exhibitions and is held in private collections in Canada, France and the US.

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This sculpture was funded by: 

Beginning in 2019, The Eglinton Way Business Improvement Association began to invest in Artwalk, a public art installation on our street. The goal over the next 5 years is to bring 25 of these art installations (sculptures, statures, murals) into the neighborhood. It will be a beautiful place to walk, learn, experience, shop and enjoy.
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