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Being Here

Ted Fullerton

Installed October 2022

Casted Bronze & Fabric
ated Steel

Located at Duncannon Dr. & Eglinton Ave. W (Southwest side)


This sculpture - Being Here - holds an umbrella out front and over a chair that will shelter anyone who chooses to sit and rest or have their photo or selfie taken. Its bronze figure is supporting an inclusive perspective “of being”.

This “act” of expressed, extended consideration of generosity and kindness – holding the umbrella - will be felt and reflected as a gesture of community benevolence. The umbrella as a symbol is not only an archetype signifying a canopy of the heavens, shelter and protection but a symbol of self-worth.

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Get to know Ted!

Ted Fullerton

Canadian Postwar & Contemporary Arts

About Ted Fullerton:

Ted Fullerton (born 1953) is a Canadian artist who graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in 1976. He has exhibited across Canada and worldwide, with works in private, corporate and public collections across North America and works in painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Fullerton has achieved awards in all four media. He was a professor and the head of Georgian College’s School of Design and Visual Art from 1978 to 2013. He lives and works in Tottenham.

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This sculpture was funded by: 

Beginning in 2019, The Eglinton Way Business Improvement Association began to invest in Artwalk, a public art installation on our street. The goal over the next 5 years is to bring 25 of these art installations (sculptures, statures, murals) into the neighborhood. It will be a beautiful place to walk, learn, experience, shop and enjoy.
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